Why did I always regret after buying a computer with an Atom CPU?

Why did I always regret after buying a computer with an Atom CPU?

Intel Atom® processor.

I have a very complicated feeling on this CPU.
Atom® is an Intel CPU and is mainly used in small PCs and some tablets. There is no power like Core i series. However, because of its small size and low power consumption, it has been adopted in many small PCs. Intel has already announced that they will not develop after the Cherry Trail. I love small PCs. Therefore, I am always excited about the PC equipped with this CPU. And at the same time, I was disappointed many times.

Atom always made me dream.

It was a dream that I can work in any place with my PC that is small enough to fit in my pocket. Small PCs such as Sony’s VAIO Type-P and recent GPD Win series can not be used like laptops larger than 13 inches. However, those small PCs can get into a small cage, take them anywhere, and run full-size Windows. Carrying a small PC, I could use it at the cafe or anywhere.

Every time such an attractive small PC is released, I always bought it. The moment I bought it was so exciting.
What wonderful mobile life can I enjoy with this small PC? The small PC was so attractive that I wanted to keep watching for hours. However, the small PC equipped with Atom has definitely turned into stress and disappointment when actually used.
The reason was simple. It was too slow. This is simple but fatal. Whatever I do, I will be kept waiting. On desktops and heavy laptops, Windows Update took as long as 30 minutes to do on Atom PCs.

In the end, I concluded that I should use a PC with a fast CPU and a large amount of memory, even if it is heavy and large. And I swear “I will not buy Atom PC anymore”. However, every time new mini-PC equipped with the next-generation Atom comes out, it will be bought with the expectation that “This Atom may be different! It may finally be usable.” After that, I was disappointed again.

What’s wrong with ATOM?

Such experience has been continued for over 10 years. Finally, the development of Atom has ended now. There are still many Atom-equipped PCs in the market.
What was wrong with Atom?
That should be said as “the necessary and sufficient functionality”. There are many reviews on the latest Cherry Trail generation Atom powered PCs, such as: “It’s difficult to play games and edit videos, but it works fine for web browsing and using Office software” This kind of reviews were repeated again and again for all generations of Atom.

If I looked at this, “Sure, I don’t play games or edit videos. I just look at the web, write emails, and sometimes open Word files. That means I need this on my PC!” I thought that.

However, when I bought an Atom-equipped PC, I almost certainly regret it.
If I look at individual use cases such as “web browsing”, “email” and “watching videos”, the process can be done without problems. However, it is rare to do each alone by using a PC. I watch videos while emailing, and open a browser to collect information while creating documents.
Compared to tablets and smartphones, the greatest strength of PCs is multitasking. When I use PC for multiple tasks, Atom PCs were too slow.
In the end, I used only “normal” PCs. Until the next mini PC comes out …

Core-m may break through this negative chain

There is a CPU called Core m series. It is installed in the MacBook, and is mostly used for small laptop computers. Low power consumption, light weight, high processing speed. However, the price goes up than Atom.
However, I think that Apple’s adoption of this CPU for the MacBook is the “Atom overcoming” Merkmar. Apple is a company that emphasizes the user experience. Apple has not adopted Atom, which can be miniaturized, has a battery, and has a low price. That’s because I thought that Atom-equipped PCs can not provide a satisfying PC experience. However, Core m was adopted. It is also installed in mini PCs such as GPD Win2.
From now on, I look forward to many attractive mini-PCs coming out with Core m without repeating Atom’s failure.